Acceso al Mercado de Agro Productos

$ 500,00


Servicio de Influencia y Representacion Señores Comerciales
  • Presentamos formas de adquirir negocios con incoterms EXW/FCA/CFR/CIF/DAP, condiciones genéticas particulares, cantidades, precios y condiciones diferenciales contactando directamente con grandes proveedores con capacidad de solvencia operativa para negocios especiales que operan en mercados internacionales.
  •   Apresentamos formas de adquirir negócios com incoterms EXW/FCA/CFR/CIF/DAP, condições genéticas particulares, quantidades, preços e condições diferenciais contatando diretamente grandes fornecedores com capacidade de solvência operacional para negócios especiais que atuam em mercados internacionais.
  For these big businesses we have this way of working
  1. We connect clients with the business table of the agro-producer and commercial market of Argentina Rosario Board of Trade that are linked to the network of international suppliers such as Chicago Board of Trade for intellectual fees to be agreed between buyer and NIVEYRO CORREDORA
  2.  We sign a representation contract
  3.  We receive commissions for the sales that are generated
  I, Juan Manuel Niveyro, am Certified by the Rosario Board of Trade entity with professional Grains Corridor registration in Argentina.   Eu, Juan Manuel Niveyro, sou certificado pela Junta Comercial de Rosario com registro profissional no Corredor de Grãos na Argentina. Of the companies that will be presented; all can offer these commodities
  • soy bean
  • Corn
  • wheat
  • sunflower
  • Barley
  • Sorghum
  • All by-products derived from these raw materials

Marketing System Explanation in video